Steel Gray Clouds and Choppy Gray Waters

Steel Gray Clouds are all around me

as I cross a long bridge across Tampa Bay and I see the choppy steel gray waters. I know it is 80 degrees outside, yet my mind wanders to western NY state.

Those clouds meant damp and dreary rain days or cold freezing sleet. Bur-r-r  is all I could say and I shivered as I drove over the bridge, even though it’s 80 degrees out.  Even though a hurricaine Matthew is possibly going to hit the other side of my beloved state and is presently pummeling the Bahamas where I have family.  Still feel a coldness not physical, but it is deep inside the convoluted thoughts in my brain and in the ethereal heart (not the beating one) where the center of our being arises. Not going to keep it like that, am totally shaking it off, NOW!

Funny, how visuals can stimulate a memory so strongly that the body actually shivered.

The chill I felt was so real I pondered turning off my air conditioner momentarily. But  I didn’t as the thought and experience were fleeting and I made sure not to hold onto it!

It made me think about how the mind can and often does affect us. Heck some folks truly destroy themselves with negative self talk or repressed trauma never dealt with or healed.  They cannot rise above it, sadly stuck in garbage thinking or emotional trauma that has real physiological negative effects on the body and mind.

And then I realized how some folks have suffered such trauma and perhaps repressed it so it is frozen somewhere in their pysche.

One day, maybe 30 years later the trauma comes to the surface and without professional help all hell can break lose for this person.  Sometimes this trauma is buried, but not totally forgotten.

Yet despite the failure to deal with trauma over the years, I strongly believe it can be healed with professional help.

I also know for a fact that many are gifted in healing with the laying of hands and the ability to draw out what needs to be fixed.  You see when we put trauma in the dark, it stays in the dark until something, perhaps a memory triggers it. Trauma needs to be brought into the light, that is where healing takes place.

If you keep it in the dark it can be an open door for further darkness to oppress you.

And you really do not know what is wrong with you, most are clueless as to why they are always physically sick or spiritually lost.

TIME to step forward, I can say with great confidence, if you seek professional help and better yet a praying professional, you will arise from the ashes of darkness. May take time, but you are worth it.

Do not let the steely gray cloud cover bring you into further darkness.

Put it all under the light, warm up your heart, mind and soul, asking for Divine healing radiation treatment (LOL, that’s what I call it).

Don’t  believe that spiritual healing is possible? That is your privilege(or your demise). But I say we are body, mind and spirit….when one is ailing it can affect all parts….so get all parts fine tuned.  Only you can shake the chilly gray cloud hanging over you.  The rainbow will appear once you step forward, just be patient.

Lovely Motivational Video, Where People Achieve Goals And Reach Dreams.


Hi, I just wanted to share this lovely motivational video, where you see people achieving their goals and reaching their dreams.

I want you to know that you too can achieve your goals and reach your dreams if you keep your mind and heart focused on them.

Listen you will run into many nay sayers.

They mean well, but they could get you off course.  On the other hand sometimes they are trying to point you to a better path to get to your goals and dreams.  Guess, you have to be able to discern this.  It is pretty obvious though when they are sooo negative, that they might have lost their own dreams and want to take you with them.  Do not let them steal your dreams  You know in your heart and only you know.

Ofcourse, for me I  believe in God and I know He has a plan for me.

I guess, some of you might not understand and some of you might understand this kind of relationship with an all loving God who wants what is best for you.  Actually, He wants what is best for your soul.

And we should also want our souls in the best place too.  So, draw from Him before you listen to nay sayers, He will guide you, if you let Him.

And seriously you have gifts & strengths you can share and further develop

……….find your gifts and strengths and use them in achieving your goals and finding your dreams.

You really can do this

and I have seen folks  have their goals blown away!   Or I mean blown  their goals  right into their dreams.


WELL, get all in with your heart and soul and join me in fulfilling our goals and dreams together.

What are your goals? You can start with these and move on!
Self Respect, Yep start loving yourself.


Dictionary.com says self respect is

the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

With this and integrity  the rest will fall into place. Because with healthy self love, you can have healthy love for others.  Which is good for you and them as you can learn from each other and grow.

So, how did you like the lovely motivational video which shows that goals and dreams can be met?  Comment below and share your thoughts.


Simple Blogging Method To Get Search Engines To See Your Blog.

Blogging fun
Blogging fun

 Simple blogging method can get

 search engines to your blog?

Yes we can keep it simple with persistence and patience.  So do not sweat and start following these steps. Also, if you are in an authority blog you will have a bonus, but most of us do not belong or have an authority blog, yet! Yeah, so that makes it a little harder for search engines to find your blog.

List of Simple Ways to Help Your Blog

  •  Your title will do well if it is bold or outlandish and if it addresses a problem with a solution (remember to keep your keywords in your title)
  • Your opening line should be entertaining(yeah, I know mine is not  entertaining, so what, I am working on this too….lol). But I advise you to  have your keywords in your opening line…I like to repeat my title in my  opening line because it  is good for SEO
  •  Tell an interesting, enjoyable and entertaining story, cause people like to  be entertained(well nothing entertaining about bullet points, but  people like lists too
  • btw you could  blog daily for 90 days to get your blog way up there in google and  yahoo…..or you can join a network of bloggers who will visit and comment on your site and blog weekly.
  • Write like you talk to your friends, do not worry about being perfect in grammar. Just do it.
  • Have a convicted opinion and do not worry if you make people mad, I do it all the time!  Do not be rude, just be convicted, if you do not stand for something, then you stand for nothing. You do not have to worry about those who walk away from you because of your convictions, you are looking for a core faithful   following, then you build from this core group.
  • End with a clear call to action, this is fundamental…….ie, so join now,   This is too good to pass, press here! Lets get started!

And at the end of the day, be honest with people, nobody wants to deal with a liar or con.

And if that is your style, save us some aggravation and go somewhere else! You should be sincere with people and most of all, be you!  I am told people do not follow companies, they follow people. People who are leaders that can help them.

 That is why I  am member of PAC, so I can learn from others daily. Lesly Federici had a vision on how to solve traffic problems for bloggers and Monna Ellithorpe helped her. These are leaders and experts. So, I can learn from experts, write about what I learn and share with more people.

 It is fun reading what other bloggers write about.

 I like to read their content, see how they do things and pattern se of my content after their content.  I  not endorsing plagiarism, it is not good to steal.  But you can report with permission and I have done so without permission, but keep it linked to the initial source, giving credit where credit is due.

 Oh yeah and remember your keywords, you should repeat them 2 or 3 times in your blog and of course have it in your title, ur address and at the end of your post.

Well, hopefully this helps you and better yet I hope this Simple Blogging Method Gets Search Engines to YOUR Blog. And if you join PAC(tell them Paula sent you), you will learn more, super simple blogging methods, so JOIN NOW!