Thwglobal Update


Thwglobal  update was posted on August 11, 2016


BETA Testing of the Video Platform continues in the US with ads from tier one advertisers currently being served to US viewers.  So, USA viewers look at your videos.


Today, August 11, 2016 we have also added Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, and Slovakia back into the Video Platform BETA Testing. All these countries are also seeing ads from tier one advertisers. Additional countries will be added back soon as well.

With the huge success of the Video Platform BETA Testing; the management of feels strongly that we are on track for all IVs to begin viewing videos and earning video credits for doing so within weeks. is also less than 30 days away from introducing direct video and display ad sales for the Video Platform.


Online Certification of our IVs to sell ads to be served through the Platform will also become available around the same time, please keep in mind that Certification will be completely optional and not required to earn credits for viewing of videos. Our online IV Certification process will also launch phase two of our compensation plan; our Coded Bonus System. The Certification process will pay a minimum Coded Bonus of $10 with a maximum Code Bonus of $100. This one bonus will create many millions of dollars in commissions to our Certified IVs.


If you are looking a Thwglobal update, here is the latest. You can  go to your own back office and find this information, also !  If you have not signed up yet, then use my link now Then we can all watch videos together and make a little extra cash too!

Here is my latest Thwglobal update from the company. Click here please.

The  Saratoga Pink Moon Hibiscus

So, why do pink moon hibiscus grow so well in New York State?

I always considered hibiscus more of a tropical flower. It is the national flower of Haiti and the red hibiscus is Hawaiis state flower.

Walking around downtown Saratoga Springs amidst the trendy shops we noticed many lovely flowers.  But the pink moon faced hibiscus was by far the most beautiful, unique and exotic. And we stopped to photograph it just like many other tourists stopped to marvel and take a picture.

Downtown Saratoga Springs was bustling as the horses were in and the races active. Some of the locals are overwhelmed by the crowds, but surely the shop owners are elated.

I wondered if the moon hibiscus was planted randomly just for its beauty or with some wise symbolism. Probably just because of its innate beauty.

But if you research the symbolism of this particular flower, you will wonder. The flower represents the beauty of young girls and how this is fleeting.  Taken one step further I could see the fleeting beauty of the thoroughbreds being raced. Bred for racing, only some find the glory of winning and even they will be passed onto pasture or some horse lover in an unknown town, eventually.

Pondering this flower lead me to see the temporariness of many things in life.

Perhaps it is a lesson to live in the present moment enjoying what you have as the next moment will be different in someway whether you see it or not.

I have to laugh as I write because only moments before we said good bye to our middle daughter who recently left our southern home state and relocated in the north. And soon after that my youngest will embark on a mission trip to 11 countries for 11 months. Then around the time she leaves our oldest daughter will have her second child. Yes, things change…..from one moment to the next.

So enjoy the Saratoga pink moon hibiscus now as tomorrow it will close and a new moment begins.

saratoga pink moon hibiscus

Many Little Matters and Mercy