Motor Club of America Scam or Not?

Motor Club of America  Scam or not may I ask?

Some belief it is, but I can say with certainty it is not.

MCA is not a scam or a pyramid. If it were it would be listed in the webpage as a scam. If it were you wouldn’t have to fill out necessary tax forms for the IRS.  Also the BBB has it listed as B+ under the title TVC(the Vital Connection).

Motor Club of America has been around since 1926 and it is a a motor/auto company similar to AAA.

The Vital Connection owns MCA. Customers receive unlimited road assistance, pharmacy discounts, hospital benefits, rental care help, death benefit, legal aide for specific circumstances and much more. You pay a monthly fee for this.

There is an associate program where we can invite others to join the club.  If someone does join, you will make $80 each time someone joins. There is further breakdown in payment when affiliates under you sponsor someone, but for now I want to keep this simple.

If you search the internet and you tube you will find those who call MCA a scam.

 Three types of folks might call it a scam.

#1 The unethical folks who know it is not a scam, but say it is a scam. Later I’m their video or blog post, they invite you to their program instead. Geesh, takes all kinds.

#2 Some MCA associates call it a scam because they want you to look at their article, convince you it isn’t a scam and invite you to join. I do this, but I do it as a question not as gospel truth and then share why it is not.

#3 This type joined MCA expecting instant cash and after 30 days and no cash, they quit and are angry with the company. Sometimes it is the advertising that promises big bucks. Well, the reality is you have to do your part and you must persist, learning as you do how to attract others to such a great plan… a customer or an associate.  It seems to me that honesty works best.

So, perhaps some MCA associates promote it in less than desirous ways. This gives the auto club some bad reviews. Always do your homework and join something you would like to share with others.

I just joined and have learned some online marketing methods that bring people to me. I don’t want to run after folks, I want them to come to me for info and you do too!

When I joined, I joined under a blogger friend and we both are in free system that teaches us how to advertise. Within the system are other companies, you know the old multiple streams of income idea. One is aweber and the other is IM exclusives. If you would like to look at the free system, then click here and follow the three steps. If you have questions, leave them in my comments and I will get back to you.

So, you decide whether Motor Club of America scam is accurate or not and share your thoughts below in comments.

In the meanwhile have a great 2017 and hope we can do a little business together someday!