M.E.R.C.Y. Mercy Me and Mercy For You


I have been pondering this blog and what niche I should have and was lead back to the word Mercy. I will spare the details, but for those of faith, you know exactly how He gets our attention.

And once He has put attention it is wise to follow through.

I was thinking of mercy as an acronym and here are my little reflections.


stands for magnimonous heart. For those who don’t know what that means, it means ………very forgiving, no resentfulness.

The heart of God  is love.  Love, Our Father sent His only Son to take the brunt of our waywardness and to show us the True Heart of Our God.

So M is for magnimonius merciful heart of God.  Will you admit you need His Mercy and ask Him to forgive you or will you wallow in a place God never wanted for you?  What is your perception of God?


ofcourse is  for Eternal. The Eternal City, heaven is our true home and we have a place waiting for us.


is Ruach, Ruach is a Hebrew word for the wind or spirit of Our Merciful God. The wind is blowing around the world right now in a powerful way. Are you open to this? Will you invite the Holy Spirit into your life to guide, direct, convict and help you? It is up to you. For Our God forces nobody, but gently invites,them into a love relationship.  And the Ruach will give you a Spirit of repentance, which all heaven rejoices about. Just a little note, the spirit of evil will condemn you and take you down as far as it can take you.



is for Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One.  He came to show is the heart of Our Father, of Our Triune God. He showed us sacrificial love, the really tough stuff. He became the final sacrifice and the lamb of God. No more slaughtered lambs by the high priests. Jesus did it for love of humanity and Resurrected to show us there really is a life after death. I don’t know about you, but it makes me smile.



is for you. What will you do about this awesome God and His offer? Are you caught up in a limited, mundane mind or can you admit there is more than meets the human eye?  What is your image of God? Well, I can tell you that no matter what you have done, “you are a beloved child of God most high.” Don’t walk away from Him, run to Him as He waits!

M.E.R.C.Y., Mercy me! HE CAN handle your sins and doubts. Just give Him a chance, He truly does carry us, but needs us to say, “yes.”  Yes, to God like Mary say yes, fiat!