Well, this Three Day Quote Challenge came fast for me.

 But I knew something would come again.

You see I have been busy with my family and was doing a Blog Carnival with PAC, but totally lost my focus and passion to follow through.  A family crisis will do this. And I tried to recoup and actually had a penned copy of week three…but they were in week 4.  So, I let go and figured another opportunity will come later.

And funny enough today Alicia nominated me for this 3 day, 3 quote challenge.

I was nominated by Alicia Osmera

to participate in the three-day quote challenge.

Thank you for thinking of me Alicia.  Please stop by her blog site and check it out.


  • Pen down three quotes for three days
  • Nominate three blogs each day.  The nomination should not be repeated.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Inform the nominees.

My prayer and hope for you my readers is that you can take something with you that helps you with your journey.

My nominees are:

  1. Monna Ellithorpe
  2. Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
  3. Barrie Evans

These three blogger’s are fellow PAC member’s and they always have a positive message to share.  Hope you all enjoy the 3 Day Quote challenge.


 Distraction Action Needed



Distraction action is your response to something negative or just not too productive.

Are you tired of throwing away days to frustration, worry, wandering, self-pity, and panic? You need to focus when your day begins, need focus on what you hope to accomplish?

The action you choose will be the distraction you need to deal with whatever may be the problem.. And  problems erupt in all walks of life, including blogging.

What kind of distraction action can we use?

Some say, let the issue pass you by like sailboats on a river,  do not fret. Kind of like going with the flow. Others say, embrace the problem or wonder WHAT can I learn from this? I like to let them pass and try to learn from them.

However, many people are naturally forgetful, so it is tough for them to truly embrace or wonder. (Cannot remember, lol).

How about dealing with  negativity, whether your own thinking or from others. It can sometimes set you into a negative Nanny spiral. Well, you can act/think contrary to this, by focusing on the good with an attitude of gratitude. As simple as, thank you for a roof over my head, thank you for a refrigerator that works, thank you for my car and the list goes on. It helps change your mindset and bring you back to a center of peace.

As a blogger, if you start thinking negatively, you can take distraction action.

Look at your successes, learn from your failures, always keep moving in a direction that facilitates action you are pushing towards. Do not let others or self destroy your momentum and goals.

A Distraction Action is doing anything, and I mean anything that will take you away from what you are currently doing in that particular moment.

Distraction action is something you can fully embrace and you may have your own methods already lined up. Feel free to share how you handle the obstacles in life, obstacles in blogging or other areas. It is fun  to learn from others.

I like the image of swans, they are graceful looking creatures that hold an air of authority.  They always appear to be doing what is best for them and have an air of peace.  So, here is an image we can hold onto for that peace of mind and focus of thought for all of us. I think they are great creatures to ponder when we are falling into thoughts, actions or other other ways that are not where we want to be.



Leaders Now Learn from Past and Gain the Future

Leaders  now are you or perhaps me.

The past leaders are examples we might use for our style.  And the future, well who knows who the future leaders are.  We can certainly effect some of these future leaders now, so get to work.

To truly lead you must fix and change your own life.    And then to lead you must take that first step.

Remember Moses who lead the Israelites out of captivity?  He sure didn’t look like leadership material if you look at his weaknesses. But even in his weakness, he took a first step.  He held up the staff and parted the waters of the Red Sea(God did that part).  But Moses took the first step onto the dry ground and the Israelites followed him.  When they got to the other side, Moses held up the staff and the water closed up again.

Well, Moses was called to his position.  But we may not have such a clear call, but still may be a leader in some way.  For instance a recovered drug addict who pulls their life together, may have alot he can share with others to help them.  His or her story may inspire hope, give direction or point to a better life because of his example and his success.

There are many books and thoughts about what leadership is about.

But it really is all that cut and dry.   If it were we would see more people taking leadership roles.  There are lots of opinions out there, but be weary and look to those who promote leaders with integrity.



The two leaders I mentioned above are awesome examples as they lead for a higher good, they are helpers,they overcame obstacles,  they are influencial and they have success.(maybe not in wealth, but they still have a powerful story).  In my book, they are powerful examples of leaders.  And neither was necessarily the brightest light bulb around, they just were open and took action.  Action is key, cannot get anywhere until you take that first step.

When you take that first step, please reflect and say, do I have a vision or purpose, not a nearsighted one, but a more global vision of how to serve others.  And it doesn’t have to be huge and all encompassing, but can start small.  You know, “gee I need to share this with others to help them see what I discovered.  It could help them too!”

You know the old saying, sharing is caring.  I think it is true.  Perhaps your sharing is a more like a mentorship to someone or it is a healing in body,mind,spirit, finances or business ideas.   Only you know what you have and how to share it.

Here is where you can say……what is my vision, what are my goals, is this my first step, can I help others with my first step and vision?   Take a look at yourself, see what is available to share, get rid of stuff that will not help you or others and hold onto integrity.    You have gifts, you have knowledge, you have experience and much more.  Now is the time to share it and in that sharing, you will be a leader. Let us empower, inspire and influence others where we are at now, leaders now