The Ministry of Exorcism

Fr. Gary Thomas SPEAKS on the ministry of exorcism.

Jesus did a lot of healing in the New Testament and it included exorsism. FatherGary tells us the personification of evil is real. He outlines what Catholics, Christians and other faiths can do to avoid evil. Us Catholics ineed a faith life, prayer life, moral life and use of the gift of the sacraments.  Amazingly he said confession is more powerful than exorcism.  Wow!

He speaks briefly about souls that are left behind and seen as ghosts.

My sister lived in such a house and the soul was that of a child. I heard the cries for help from the child and my sisters dog verified it as he just walked over to the wall where the voice seemed to come from and did that dog like cocking of his head in a curious manner, ears totally up and whined. It was indeed strange. I was told a child died in this house. After hearing what Father said about the Muslim family….I am having a mass said for this child. I was not scared, but was abit rattled. Was I crazy and if not where was this faraway cry for help coming from? I do not know, but am asking the Lord’s healing hand to touch this situation.

Father Gary outlines 6 signs of possession

And you can learn about this in the video. Also, you can learn other aspects of this ministry of exorcism.  Also, a movie has recently been made about this ministry of exorcism.  I think I will check it out.

Father Gary also spoke about the value of the cross of Jesus

You will have to view the video to hear more about the value of the cross.  However, without the cross there is no  power.  It is all about love, all about a sacrifice made for humanity by the One who came down into this human form.   He teaches love and love encompasses helping those plagued by evil.


Check out the video below for more details and by the way a movie was made about the ministry of exorcism.  I am going to check it out, what about you?





The Trailor for the movie, “The Rite.”   Which is about Fathers ministry. - The Catholic Shop!

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  1. This is good insight in a world filled with evil. We need not fear but have confidence in the power of the cross.

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