Distraction Action Needed



Distraction action is your response to something negative or just not too productive.

Are you tired of throwing away days to frustration, worry, wandering, self-pity, and panic? You need to focus when your day begins, need focus on what you hope to accomplish?

The action you choose will be the distraction you need to deal with whatever may be the problem.. And  problems erupt in all walks of life, including blogging.

What kind of distraction action can we use?

Some say, let the issue pass you by like sailboats on a river,  do not fret. Kind of like going with the flow. Others say, embrace the problem or wonder WHAT can I learn from this? I like to let them pass and try to learn from them.

However, many people are naturally forgetful, so it is tough for them to truly embrace or wonder. (Cannot remember, lol).

How about dealing with  negativity, whether your own thinking or from others. It can sometimes set you into a negative Nanny spiral. Well, you can act/think contrary to this, by focusing on the good with an attitude of gratitude. As simple as, thank you for a roof over my head, thank you for a refrigerator that works, thank you for my car and the list goes on. It helps change your mindset and bring you back to a center of peace.

As a blogger, if you start thinking negatively, you can take distraction action.

Look at your successes, learn from your failures, always keep moving in a direction that facilitates action you are pushing towards. Do not let others or self destroy your momentum and goals.

A Distraction Action is doing anything, and I mean anything that will take you away from what you are currently doing in that particular moment.

Distraction action is something you can fully embrace and you may have your own methods already lined up. Feel free to share how you handle the obstacles in life, obstacles in blogging or other areas. It is fun  to learn from others.

I like the image of swans, they are graceful looking creatures that hold an air of authority.  They always appear to be doing what is best for them and have an air of peace.  So, here is an image we can hold onto for that peace of mind and focus of thought for all of us. I think they are great creatures to ponder when we are falling into thoughts, actions or other other ways that are not where we want to be.



Author: Paula

Hi, I am a nurse with many years experience, a family person with children and one grand daughter. My husband and I are a minority as we can proudly say we have been married 30 years. I also, like to mess around on the internet, blog, network and surf. What about you? I am working on residual income for my retirement and who knows maybe even make more than I ever thought of. I also am a strong believer in God and belong to an ancient religious order of the Catholic church. My husband and I are Lay Carmelites. I love to garden, but my allergies hate it. I have 2 cats and a dog and my allergies hate the dog. Oh brother. Not much for tv, but occassionally watch a reality show, if that is reality......roflol. Anyway, it is a pleasure chatting, and stay blessed!!

29 thoughts on “ Distraction Action Needed”

  1. I loved this Paula

    It is the perfect thing to do take a different action and make your brain get involved in something else.

    Sometimes I think brains freeze and we need to unfreeze them/

    To great success


  2. Hi Paula ,
    Interesting title distraction action is very good 🙂
    I usually do not get negative and I am grateful. I am used to looking what
    it tells me to do differently id there are problems. If something does not work
    right ,I let it go and do something else ,and usually, I get an answer . To follow
    intuition is good and a little walk in nature often brings solutions . I wish I had
    a swan near here 🙂
    Thank you for new words.
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…Tips To Improve Yourself By Changing Your ParadigmsMy Profile

  3. Hi Paula,

    When I am facing an obstacle, being thankful helps me put things in perspective and address the problem objectively and effectively.


  4. Hi Paula,

    Distraction action? Nice association. And an interesting post about how to deal with life’s road blocks.

    Having obsessive tendency’s, I tend to either ignore them (when I do recognize them, I ‘flip the switch’ onto something positive) or follow them unto exhaustion (decide if it’s a real problem & if so, how to solve it).

    Either way, until today, I’ve never considered a swan! Oh, the pain…
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…10 Benefits From Spending Time By YourselfMy Profile

    1. Thw beauty of knowing ourselves is big. And Ed you see yourself and recognize your behaviors….this is a grace…at least I believe it is

  5. It’s so easy to get distracted, but as you suggest, Paula, it’s really a lapse in your focus.

    I think people often blame the source of the distraction for their meanderings. How many times do we blame Facebook or YouTube that we got caught up in so long that it killed our day? How many times do we blame “shiny objects” for taking us off our path?

    You made such a great point here, though… that distraction is not a passive dissuasion… it’s an action taken on our part… an decision to get off track with what we know we need to focus on.

    Distraction is an action… love the lesson, here.
    David Merrill recently posted…Content Marketing For Professional ServicesMy Profile

  6. Most often it’s tiredness that causes me negative thinking and a quick nap is all I need to get myself back on track. I try to be aware of when my mind starts wandering into dark areas of thought so I can stop it in it’s tracks. Positive thinking, gratitude and mindfulness relaxation all help.

    If it’s frustration at something I’m working on at the computer, a break doing anything else does the trick. The solution is often obvious when I come back to it.

    But then there’s the negative side of distraction action where I’m putting off doing something that needs to be done – but that’s usually housework 🙂
    Sue Bride recently posted…Instamate Review – Use Instagram On The Web from Your ComputerMy Profile

  7. Hi Paula,

    I have a real struggle with negative self-talk. I beat myself up like I’d never talk to my worst enemy LOL.

    At least I’m aware of this fault and I’m making a determined effort to focus on the good things that other people think about me.

    I will work on being that graceful swan on the top – even if underneath I’m paddling away like crazy.

    Very timely article for me, thanks.
    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. Shoot, now I am thinking of the little duck swimming with the swan. It didn’t know it was different until someone told him. So , be that swan and don’t listen to those voices whether self imposed or external from others. LOL

  8. I very rarely have issues with negativity, but I use distraction as a strategy for many other things. For example, if I’m struggling with a piece of writing, I’ll stop and take my dog for a walk, or work on something completely different for awhile. Sometimes I’ll go sit on my deck and read, and it never ceases to amaze me how that little break ends up with ideas popping into my head and I can hardly wait to get back to writing. Great advice!
    Marquita Herald recently posted…When the Journey Becomes the DestinationMy Profile

    1. Thank you, I know exactly what you mean by not always following that alleged, rationale mind and looking to the inner, heart for better answers.

  9. It was funny to read your post tonight. I had just gone through a day of negative self-talk because two things went wrong with my blog. Nothing big just wasn’t in my plans to have to spend so much time on this stuff. lol I almost threw up my hands and I knew if I walked away at that point it would be days before I got back to the task. So, I hung in there took it slow, and hung in there. Great post thank you Paula.
    Lydia Brown recently posted…How long does it take to psychologically recover from alcohol abuse?My Profile

    1. Thanks Emi, we really need to hold onto the right mindset, recognize the wrong mindset and act to change it or distract ourselves from it.

  10. Hi Paula,
    That is a lovely thought. Focus on elegant and positive Swans against negative thoughts and distraction action.
    And happy Congratulations on the birth of your Grand baby in NICU ! I hope all is well there.

    1. Thanks so much and all is well. I once saw a brilliantly white swan swimming is black greasy water. Surely his underside was,disgusting. But this swan did swam around like nothing phased him and I thought, “isn’t that how we should be?” Even in the grime of life, swimming with peace

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