Steel Gray Clouds and Choppy Gray Waters

Steel Gray Clouds are all around me

as I cross a long bridge across Tampa Bay and I see the choppy steel gray waters. I know it is 80 degrees outside, yet my mind wanders to western NY state.

Those clouds meant damp and dreary rain days or cold freezing sleet. Bur-r-r  is all I could say and I shivered as I drove over the bridge, even though it’s 80 degrees out.  Even though a hurricaine Matthew is possibly going to hit the other side of my beloved state and is presently pummeling the Bahamas where I have family.  Still feel a coldness not physical, but it is deep inside the convoluted thoughts in my brain and in the ethereal heart (not the beating one) where the center of our being arises. Not going to keep it like that, am totally shaking it off, NOW!

Funny, how visuals can stimulate a memory so strongly that the body actually shivered.

The chill I felt was so real I pondered turning off my air conditioner momentarily. But  I didn’t as the thought and experience were fleeting and I made sure not to hold onto it!

It made me think about how the mind can and often does affect us. Heck some folks truly destroy themselves with negative self talk or repressed trauma never dealt with or healed.  They cannot rise above it, sadly stuck in garbage thinking or emotional trauma that has real physiological negative effects on the body and mind.

And then I realized how some folks have suffered such trauma and perhaps repressed it so it is frozen somewhere in their pysche.

One day, maybe 30 years later the trauma comes to the surface and without professional help all hell can break lose for this person.  Sometimes this trauma is buried, but not totally forgotten.

Yet despite the failure to deal with trauma over the years, I strongly believe it can be healed with professional help.

I also know for a fact that many are gifted in healing with the laying of hands and the ability to draw out what needs to be fixed.  You see when we put trauma in the dark, it stays in the dark until something, perhaps a memory triggers it. Trauma needs to be brought into the light, that is where healing takes place.

If you keep it in the dark it can be an open door for further darkness to oppress you.

And you really do not know what is wrong with you, most are clueless as to why they are always physically sick or spiritually lost.

TIME to step forward, I can say with great confidence, if you seek professional help and better yet a praying professional, you will arise from the ashes of darkness. May take time, but you are worth it.

Do not let the steely gray cloud cover bring you into further darkness.

Put it all under the light, warm up your heart, mind and soul, asking for Divine healing radiation treatment (LOL, that’s what I call it).

Don’t  believe that spiritual healing is possible? That is your privilege(or your demise). But I say we are body, mind and spirit….when one is ailing it can affect all parts….so get all parts fine tuned.  Only you can shake the chilly gray cloud hanging over you.  The rainbow will appear once you step forward, just be patient.

Author: Paula

Hi, I am a nurse with many years experience, a family person with children and one grand daughter. My husband and I are a minority as we can proudly say we have been married 30 years. I also, like to mess around on the internet, blog, network and surf. What about you? I am working on residual income for my retirement and who knows maybe even make more than I ever thought of. I also am a strong believer in God and belong to an ancient religious order of the Catholic church. My husband and I are Lay Carmelites. I love to garden, but my allergies hate it. I have 2 cats and a dog and my allergies hate the dog. Oh brother. Not much for tv, but occassionally watch a reality show, if that is reality......roflol. Anyway, it is a pleasure chatting, and stay blessed!!

35 thoughts on “Steel Gray Clouds and Choppy Gray Waters”

    1. Awe, I have seen it and experienced it. I remember when the light kinda went on for me. I was in ICU assisting with a pacemaker insertion and the doc I worked with(who really had some personal issues himself) looked at me and asked why I always have a cloud over my head? I realized oddly enough that I had a few issues and it came to light from one of our more difficult docs to work with. He could see it in others, but not himself. Funny creatures we are

  1. I can really relate to this post. When I was 31, my husband died suddenly in a car accident. Instead of steely gray clouds, I saw that I was emotionally down in a very deep dark hole in the ground. When I would look up, there was light, but it would be quite a treacherous climb.

    I still remember the day when I climbed out of that hole. Day by day, I found I was a little bit further away from it. I am a visual person and I know how powerful our thoughts are!

    There is no shame in seeking help. Your overall well-being should come first, not your pride.

    Thank you for sharing an excellent post on depression.

    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted…Childhood Memories And Tropical FishMy Profile

  2. Hi Paula,
    for me, it is no doubt that we can heal ourselves and others.
    It is proven that trauma makes sick and it has to come out and
    has to be talked about to be able to release it. Also, negative
    emotions cause depression and illness. Today there are even
    proven ways to heal all this with energy healing and Meta-Medicine.
    We are given a miraculous body which can heal itself .
    Thank you for this beautiful post

  3. Thank God I have not personally suffered real trauma; however, I meet hundreds who have. I have seen how people who survive them often endure symptoms that last their entire lifetime if not dealt with–from anxiety/depression to unexplained physical pain, fatigue, and illness.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…10 Strategies to Get New ClientsMy Profile

  4. Hi Paula. I definitely believe that spiritual healing is possible. The best thing is that God loves us, no matter what. There is nothing we can do that will make him love us more or love us less. So we just need to repent and try to make our lives better. And yes, professional help is sometimes needed. I suffered for years with depression, anger, and anxiety, and it was caused by a chemical imbalance. I’m on medication and so happy with not having to deal with so many negative emotions. Thanks for your post, and I love the lighthouse picture.

    1. Glad you are doing better. God is good. Yes, many do have physiological imbalances for sure. My mom did and it was with a Christian counselor and medicine she turned around. Thanks for sharing

  5. I so relate to a heavy cloud coming back and hovering over me. I am a firm believer that if you don’t work on something avoiding your opportunity to grow God will give you an opportunity again to face it until you make up your mind to do the work. Recently I was blessed with a do over and it has turned out to be such a blessing and healing for myself and a family member. Thanks for sharing Paula.

  6. I can so relate to this right now. Some current struggles definitely feel like heavy black clouds and pounding rain. In addition, I recently completed an interactive exercise and was amazed to see all the losses and transitions I’ve endured over the past several years. As I have often said, sometimes those who encourage others, need encouragement themselves. It’s only by the grace of God that I’m not seriously depressed and in need of anti-depressants!
    K. Lee Banks recently posted…Gratitude Challenge – November 19 – Thankful for Freedom from WorryMy Profile

    1. Karen, I hope it all passes and you find that rainbow soon. God is good and hold on tight, He makes more sense than most of what we experience.

  7. Hi Paula

    This is a great way to discuss an important topic. Negative thoughts are so dangerous because when they surface they give no warning till they have done the damage.

    It is great that you have shared a way to get rid of these thoughts. Take Care

  8. Hi Paula,
    Love this, it’s like a wake up message! I believe we are capable of many things and at the same time we are responsible for everything that happens to us.
    We have the power but very few of us understand how to use it.

  9. This is beautifully written, Paula. Self help can be good if we are aware of what we need to change and why and it’s nothing major. Saying that I’m an advocate of therapy to at least get us on the right track, on the basis of not being able to solve problems with the same thinking that got us there.
    I can see how professional help is needed if something repressed comes back to bite us.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Instamate Review – Use Instagram On The Web from Your ComputerMy Profile

  10. Hi Paula, I believe in a higher power whom I call God. However, I too believe that to a point we have the power to heal ourselves based on our behaviors, how we think and treat others, and what we use to fuel our bodies. Gifts that are given by God. Your writing is awesome and thought provoking. When I grew up I always heard adults say therapy is for the rich they were sure wrong. I believe in the process.
    Lydia Brown recently posted…What is a Wet House?My Profile

    1. Yes, they are wrong. Healing is for all and God may not heal all ailments miraculpusly, but give us strength to move on trusting in Him.

  11. I have seen so many very special moments when spiritual healing has taken place that there is no way I would not believe it. I believe that we all have the ability to heal too, both ourselves and others, but it is something we have to believe in to make it happen.

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted…What Should I Blog About?My Profile

    1. I believe in someone greater than I. In OT in Genesis they called Him Elohim. He is bigger than us and can use us if we are open to the Spirit

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