Affiliate Marketing 101 or 301?

Affiliate marketing 101 is for experienced marketers.

Seriously, if you are a newbie, then 101 will truly feel like 301, yeah Junior year is always tougher than freshman year in college.  So, don’t feel intimidated if you find 101 harder than expected.

My best advice is keep it simple. Focus on the meat and let all the extras wait.

So as a new affiliate marketer, it might benefit you to follow a system laid out for you.

A system that educates you as you go, but gets the fundamentals going relatively fast.

Even then, experts say in order to make a decent profit using a blog for affiliate marketing, you need at least 500 followers.  Oh dear, sounds tougher then

you thought right?

Heck, if you persist in your biz, you will learn and make money as you go

. No, your not going to make $10k instantly. And those who do make$10k monthly had alot of work behind their efforts and many failures.  They took the necessary steps to get there. And that always has a starting step.

So, now what?

Well, I can suggest a free system that will help you. It has the opportunity for multiple income streams too!

Wanna get out of the restraints of your present fishbowl?

Well, then click here now and follow the steps.  Oh yeah and please comment below.

AFFILIATE MARKETING 101 HERE WE COME. Hahaha and you will know if it seems like a 301 level, you will do it anyway. I did.

Author: Paula

Hi, I am a nurse with many years experience, a family person with children and one grand daughter. My husband and I are a minority as we can proudly say we have been married 30 years. I also, like to mess around on the internet, blog, network and surf. What about you? I am working on residual income for my retirement and who knows maybe even make more than I ever thought of. I also am a strong believer in God and belong to an ancient religious order of the Catholic church. My husband and I are Lay Carmelites. I love to garden, but my allergies hate it. I have 2 cats and a dog and my allergies hate the dog. Oh brother. Not much for tv, but occassionally watch a reality show, if that is reality......roflol. Anyway, it is a pleasure chatting, and stay blessed!!

7 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing 101 or 301?”

  1. A system that teaches you as well as giving earning opportunities is a good way to get started with affiliate marketing. As a newbie I fell for the hype of a few things that said no learning was needed. Of course these did not work.

  2. Hi Paula,

    Yes “they” (the sales pages) always make affiliate marketing sound SO easy. But we know otherwise!

    Nevertheless, for those who persist and follow a proven system, the rewards will build. Not instantly, but over time.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark
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  3. Hello Paula! Great post my friend! it is so true, we can do nothing and stay where we are or we can learn a new skill, get out of our comfort zone and give something new a try.. But Yes there is always a starting point. To Take That First Step..
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

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