Is NHTglobal Legit or A Scam?

NHTglobal has various products, one that I tried and liked uses chicken STEM cells for skin care. I must admit my skin was softer and smoother after a treatment. This line of skin care is one of their products as there are others.  This company is public and listed on the stock market. 

My friend listed some info below about NHT below.> wrote:

 1. Company was started in 2001 with global head quarters in Dallas, Texas area, with international offices and warehouses.

2.  An e-commerce international business giving you the opportunity to do business in 40 countries while simultaneously pioneeing, launching in an additional 20 countries and ship products into over 50 countries. 
3.Excellent opportunity to experience personal growth. Support, coaching, training and  mentoring  available to those persons  having a desire to succeed.
4. Seamless global compensation plan that pays you four ways.
5.Personalized web site hosted by company with online back-office to track your business growth in real time 24/7. Included on this web site is an Online Ecommerce Store so your customers can shop any day and any hour

6. Products that produce REAL RESULTS
7. A business you can do from any country, from your home. You can do your business online or off line.
8. The capability to leave a legacy to your Children and Grandchildren. Your work will be passed on.

Mary Faith Arment

So, I say it is pretty legit. What do you think about NHTglobal? 

For more info, click the website below or email my friend(her email is above)

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Author: Paula

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