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Hi, I am a nurse with many years experience, a family person with children and one grand daughter. My husband and I are a minority as we can proudly say we have been married 30 years. I also, like to mess around on the internet, blog, network and surf. What about you? I am working on residual income for my retirement and who knows maybe even make more than I ever thought of. I also am a strong believer in God and belong to an ancient religious order of the Catholic church. My husband and I are Lay Carmelites. I love to garden, but my allergies hate it. I have 2 cats and a dog and my allergies hate the dog. Oh brother. Not much for tv, but occassionally watch a reality show, if that is reality......roflol. Anyway, it is a pleasure chatting, and stay blessed!!

How To Make Easy Money

So, have you ever wondered, “how to make easy money without significant planning, skills or preparation.  Well, when I searched on the internet I found these 5 suggestions as how to make easy money.

1)sell something

2)do online surveys


4)donate plasma

5)enter sweepstakes(I still did not win the lottery)

I guess these are easy money options, but I have another idea on how to make easy money and it involves doing what we already do, that is shopping, dinning, car repairs and other expenses we normally incur.  This idea involves joining a free club, that gives you reward credits when you spend.  And these reward credits convert to 80% cash and 20% has to be used at merchants again(sort of like a gift card). You can spend alot or you can spend nothing, however if you spend nothing you will not collect any cash, but if you help others join this club under you and they spend, you earn rewards from them that can be used as gift certificates at participating merchants.  To quality for the cash pay-out you must spend at the merchants.

Come see how to make easy money with Metrocity club. Interested yet, you should be!   If not, here are some bullets to give you more info

Metrocity Club Bullets.

  • Metro City Club Is A Members Only Buying Club that is FREE to join.

  • It Is A  Program That Pays You Reward Points On All Your Purchases                                                  You Make At Any Of The Participating Merchants.

  • You Also Receive Points On Anyone’s Purchases You Refer to The Club.

  • It Is Absolutely FREE To Join And There Are No Monthly Or Annual Dues.

  • The More People You Refer In This FREE Program That Are Using                                                Participating Merchants, The More Rewards Points You Earn.

  • Rewards Points Can Be Redeemed At Any Of The Participating Merchants.

  • You Can Redeem Up To 80% of Your Points For Cash.

  • When A Merchant Refers Their Customers As Members For FREE, They Receive                              Reward Points When That Customer Goes To Any Other Participating Merchant.

  • When A Merchant Joins As A Merchant They Get Their Own Web Page In The                               Directory And They Get The Benefit of 1,000′s of Member’s Wanting To Use Them.

  • Merchants Are Rewarded, Members Are Rewarded, And It’s FREE.

  • Sense It Just Makes

Seriously, join now and see how to make easy money

with Metrocity Club, NOW!

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Metrocity Club Leverage

MetroCity Club is a membership club that leverages the marketing dollars that local merchants spend to attract new customers. As our members buy the goods and services of our participatring merchants we earn reward points. As our members refer their friends and family to the club and the start spending money with these same participating merchants, the member will earn more reward points. So the more people we refer and the more we spend determines how many points we earn. these points can be redeemed at these same merchants and if you spend the required amount the remainder of the points can be cashed out. Best of all, our membership club is absolutely FREE, and nothing to lose ever. So sign up today, and start referring your friends and family.” This quote comes from Glenn Goff, the owner.

So, if you are into leverage then join Metrocity Club now and help local merchants leverage their marketing dollars while you earn rewards and cash.

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