Metrocity Club Leverage

MetroCity Club is a membership club that leverages the marketing dollars that local merchants spend to attract new customers. As our members buy the goods and services of our participatring merchants we earn reward points. As our members refer their friends and family to the club and the start spending money with these same participating merchants, the member will earn more reward points. So the more people we refer and the more we spend determines how many points we earn. these points can be redeemed at these same merchants and if you spend the required amount the remainder of the points can be cashed out. Best of all, our membership club is absolutely FREE, and nothing to lose ever. So sign up today, and start referring your friends and family.” This quote comes from Glenn Goff, the owner.

So, if you are into leverage then join Metrocity Club now and help local merchants leverage their marketing dollars while you earn rewards and cash.

Need Primary Business Traffic ?

Well, we want to drive traffic to our own primary business.  And marketing in a targeted fashion using marketing strategies  is really the key for decent hits and conversions to your primary business.  But seriously, with all the sensory overload on the internet, where in the heck does someone start and get some MLM help?

I listened to my uplines, some were internet marketers and some were not.  It seemed to  me that if we use a little bit of both schools of thought, we would get interested marketers.  But honestly, for me, I have had a hard time marketing my warm market and going to parties, or hotel meetings.  So, this actually send me back to the internet.  And I have had lots  of traffic over the years and yes I also think I have had unscrupulous uplines or someone take my leads at times.  You know they say they will help you, but really are in it totally for themselves.  Well, we all want to succeed, but I think that if you help others succeed, then obviously this will help me succeed. OH well, life has its ups and downs and it has people who help and people who manipulate and use you.  And some of my uplines were very good, solid people, but did not have the traffic generation fine tuned.

So,  the point of this blog is traffic.  How do the big boys and girls get targeted traffic?  Well, in all honesty most of them are using a system to market their primary business.  A system that teaches you step by step how to market. And although I am not one of the top 3%, I am using a system myself and I have learned so much from it.  The leaders are constantly updating on the best or latest tool or manner to market, whether it be PPC, Free google ads, you tube,  article marketing, Facebook, etc.

If you are serious about marketing your primary business, then this is just for you! Take a look now, join and learn the best ways to market your primary business, now! And drive the right kind of traffic to your site.

OK, ok no traffic in this picture, but geesh it sure is pretty! So, remember also to make yourself attractive.

After all, the system I use teaches attraction marketing.  You can fill in the blanks to the right of this also, to get more info.