Well, Imagine That, You Can Contemplate and Be Still Too.

Well, I was thinking about that video that David Sharpe does, where he tells you to stop and look. Stop and look at the view of a friends tropical paradise backyard, which has a tropical forest, mountains and the ocean all in one view. All profoundly beautiful and all part of creation.  But you do not have to go to a tropical paradise to experience it either.

When I stop and look or stop and listen to creation, I hope my vision takes me closer to the CREATOR.


That is an aspect of contemplation: Finding God is stillness, finding Him in beauty, finding Him in simplicity.

As we age and become worldly wise and sophisticated, it is easy to become hardened to the beauty that life sets before us. Being busy, schedules to keep, appointments with someone or whatever the business at hand is, conflicts directly with the fresh childs perspective we all once had. Maybe, you still do have it, that is awesome, if not read on.

How can you regain this fresh simplicity? How about slowing down and pausing to look at the world around you?

Remember Williams Wordsworth? He wrote a poem entitled,

“Composed Upon Westminister Bridge,” Sept. 3, 1803


Earth has not anything to show more fair;
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty.
This city now doth like a garment wear
The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,
Ships, towers domes, theaters, and temples lie
Open unto the fields, and to the sky,
All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.
Never did sun more beautifully steep
In his first splendor valley, rock, or hill;
Ne’er say I, never felt, a calm so deep!
The river glideth at his own sweet will;
Dear God! the very houses seem asleep,
And all that might heart is lying still!”


Well, I don’t know about you, but I am not a poet. But this isn’t just about poetry. It is about slowing down, smelling the roses and seeing the beauty before you own eyes.   Contemplation, hum whats that again?

In an earlier post, I wrote about building bridges as opposed to blowing them up. Not a good idea, I mean blowing up bridges, figuratively or literally for that matter. Building is always better, as building bridges gets you from one place to another. Now once you have the opportunity to cross a bridge, you can take it a step further. Instead of letting it become part of a mindless routine, make it an experience, an ah-ha moment.

When you stop on a bridge as Wordsworth did, it is symbolic of a contemplative stance toward life. It is taking your time to pause and reap the benefits of the moment, the beauty in that moment.

And when you embrace the moment, you essentially embrace God as He lives in the moment, in your now, if you but look and still yourself to it.  As the scripture says, “Be still and know that I am God.”   Contemplate that!

be still and know i am god photo: Be Still and Know I Am God Psalms 46:10 St2.jpg

So, maybe you do not pass over Westminister Bridge daily nor write poetry, but surely you have a daily routine that is all too often mundane, blasé and all too routine and/or hurried.  STOP IT! Slow down, be still  and look at the created beauty around you, even if you do not have an ocean view, with mountain backdrop and a tropical forest in your backyard, you still have something somewhere you can ponder.

I love flowers and if you are a Facebook friend of mine, you have seen all too many flower pictures I post from my garden. I love gardens, but am a bit of a slug in keeping away the weeds.


Sometimes the weeds are cool to look at too, but generally they are a nuisance for me.  In my state we have 4 seasons of weeds and yes you guessed it 4 or actually more varieties.  But we are not contemplating the weeds today.

One day I was watering some flowers  and a large dragonfly was persistently hounding the hose. I immediately realized he was thirsty and held the hose still……oh so still. He hovered in the air just at the point he could drink from my hose, which was inches from my hand. I was in awe, it really was a one in a million experience, giving this giant dragonfly with his crazy eyeball lense(almost seems like an all seeing eye).  So, know  I have a picture in my head that will not go away. At that moment, I had such peace, joy and awe.  A connection with nature is such an ah ha moment.

Nature is good and the perfection of its goodness is the essence of His existence, which can be found in HIS creation and creatures if we but look.


  WE all like being fed, right?   Whether you are fed food, thoughts, ideas, material things, etc  Well, why not take care of the spirit/soul part of you along with the physical?  Makes sense to me!   Contemplate just being in the moment, in the movement and in the present………see what you find!   Be Still.


What to Do With the Title PaulaOkeefe MLM Blog

Many moons ago I started this PaulaOkeefe MLM blog, gung-ho about MLM, yeah multilevel marketing.

I did a few companies and made a little money here and there. Yeah, money was my goal, but unfortunately I was one of the 97% who never quite got it right.

No big deal with getting it right as I had a regular job as a nurse. But I knew I would retire and need some residual income, so I stuck it out with a small biz of my own.  Still never made much, but learned alot about skin care with nerium and now Younique.

Younique is great as I have learned little make up tricks to help hide dark circles under my eyes and just tonight I learned about lessening the nasty jowls. Anyhow, it is all a learning curve for me.

I seem to prefer inspirational, healthy, natural things and or matters of God when I blog. So, I think this is not an MLM blog, but perhaps I should redefine the acronym….how about multiple layers of material, or if I zero in on God’s infinite mercy (topic, I love ) THEN it could be Mercy Loves Man. I often tell the inmates I visit, God’s name is mercy and I believe it.  I told a few atheists that too, especially after they all came at me like a machine gun. I exaggerate, but it feels that way sometimes.  And honestly, it saddens me that they in the alleged name of reason and science cannot fathom God’s love.


God’s love….hmmm, Mercy Loves Man.  Heck, I used to be like them too, just looking at suffering and blaming God. But that’s another blog topic.

Supposedly this blog article  is about my blog being stuck with MLM in the title.  So, I will redefine this acronym title….

I really like Mercy Loves Mankind (this includes us ladies).


SO, WHO knows maybe I will start blogging on mercy at the PaulaOkeefe MLM blog.

PaulaOkeefe Mercy Loves Mankind blog.  I LIKE THE SOUND

Lol, anyhow… I had two other ideas for my next blog post and had such trouble I said the heck with it. But on a whim, I decided to just blog briefly about my MLM dilemma.






Afterthought came to me. I first put down multiple little matters, but decided that multiple little mercies is better and will fix my MLM title soon..