More Thoughts on Whether Others Bother Me or Sanctify Me

I posted a saints saying yesterday that asks, does that person bother me or sanctify me.

That my friends is a Million dollar question.  I tend to be repelled by controlling people who just want it their way. Yet I often look at myself and say, ” am I being the controller here?”  Guess it depends on the situation at hand. I like a team approach with room for order and flexibility.
Today, my husband decided to clean the kitty litters and I was greatful. But he then retorted with abit of disdain,” if he is doing this task then he is leaving  part of the kitty litter incomplete because he prefers it that way.”  Yet I had recently made the kitty litter complete with some searching for the original pieces and put it all back together the way it is designed to be used and the way it works for me.
I surely appreciate him wanting to take over the task, but I have been doing it lately anyway.
This was the second time in 48hr  I was given a specific criteria for his participation with a threat(control freak).

Wow. Ever here of purgatory? Shoot, maybe this is purgatory for me and he does help sanctify me.

I didn’t argue, I walked away from him. I wished I had prayed first,  but actually used some profanity first. Then I prayed ……hahaha. No saint here. So, seems he annoyed me rather than sanctified me, this time anyway.  But I am always amazed how when I read a quote or thought that I like, I get an opportunity to reflect or implement it in my daily life situations.   So, now I hope to react more kindly, humbly and not looking at my struggle with completing the kitty litter, but perhaps pondering why he doesn’t like to use the straining part.
Maybe next time I will say, “oh honey do whatever you want.” And see what happens……hahahaha… long as that Statement doesn’t enable dysfunction or create a selfish beast, it should be fine.

What do you think? Are you annoyed or sanctified? The hardest test is at home, always.