Having Fun Playing with Make Up and Sharing It on Facebook

Hi, we all love to play games and read stuff on Facebook!


Me included!!!  Well, what about playing  with make up, sharing it on fb and making a few extra dollars with quality natural based products?

HI, if you love make up and want to get rid of garbage chemicals in your present makeup by using natural based products, then I can help you!

If not, thanks for reading this and looking!  I will be posting more info on this company in future, so stay posted! For more info on Natural products and the company, click the natural products link!

Natural products are so important these days.  American cosmetic industry is not highly regulated and most  products, sadly are loaded with chemicals that make us sick and pollute our waters.   You will not find this in the European Union, they banned these toxins.  My company is EU compliant, maybe you should take a look and clean out your chemical laden garbage cosmetics.

Take a look at the 10 reasons I buy and joined Younique.  This is truly important to me.  Not to mention, I love the stay at home and work concept.  It means I can work in my pjs or I can work at 3pm or 3am, depending on what I want to do.  No boss tells me I am late or that I have to change my schedule do to staffing issues.




Relationship Marketing-A Social Butterfly or a Slow Caterpillar

Relationship marketing is fun, so enjoy yourself

Online or offline, social networking requires  relationship marketing.

And it is a fun way to build  your home business.  Relationship marketing works best with a social butterfly, but is not impossible for a slow caterpillar either(might take a little longer though).
If you have a home business and use the relationship marketing model you should love talking to people.  After all,  to succeed in social networking  business you need to put your business in front of many, many  people.
A social butterfly knows lots of folks and if doing relationship marketing she will present something of value or beauty, solve problems and be light hearted not heavy handed and pushy with people.  This is important in your warm market and your cold market as well!  In the cold market, if you do it right you will have tons of prospects to chat with.  Some may be networkers and some may not be!  The right networker can really help you in your business, but honestly I have seen non networkers do wonders too!  Just need to be teachable and have drive and desire.


You know networking on facebook alone can get you in front of a billion people. Wow!  But that is a whole different topic!

Social networking is like a party, but as in any decent party there are rules to be followed.

1. Do not be an abrasive fool, bitter and nasty or a negative ninny. You will scare people away and if your still in the caterpillar cocoon stage, you will never emerge a free butterfly(your wings will be damaged).  So BE HAPPY!


2. Nobody comes to a party to be sold.  So, do not vomit your business on people before you even learn their name or what they are looking for!  This will scare away online prospects and people at a home party will be turned off too!  Keep it light and fun!  Learn to be a master questioner.  Learning about people and directing the conversation can help you succeed.  Using open ended and leading questions are awesome skills and tools for a party environment.
Well, bet you did not know there is an art to networking.  Most people do not know this either.

Listen if you are a caterpillar crawling away at slow motion, do not fret!

You will one day evolve into the social butterfly free and easy with what you do!  Keep learning and improving you!  This makes you attractive and attractiveness with happiness piques interest in others!
3.  So my last line is a repeat from above………..DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY and ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!!!!!