Antiandrogen Studies Show Our Water Causing Sex Mutations


   3-1.pngSo, antiandrogens are also linked to male fish gender issues?  Oh my goodness!

First of all an androgen is a male sex hormone, like testosterone and androsterone.  These hormones are part of the endocrine system and obviously cause male sex characteristics.  These hormones occur in much greater amounts in men (yeah woman have a little too).  They stimulate male accessory sex organs and encourage development of male sex characteristics like voice change and beard at puberty.

Well, yesterday I blogged on the effects of estrogen or chemicals that break down to estrogen like substances and how male fish are growing female sex organs.  And I do not know if it kills them too, but I do know thousands are dying from toxins in our water.



Ok, so antiandrogen blocks the effects of androgen in people, i.e. men.  Now whats that got to do with the estrogen blog?  Well, of course some scientists believe it is the antiandrogens  are messing up our male fish gender not estrogen, but a study at National Institute for health infers both are culprits.   



All around it is bad news, but the bad news gets worse as the antiandrogen comes from medicines, pesticides and other chemicals. 

    Some medicines which are in this category are megestrol (manmade progesterone—often given with estrogen ladies), spironolactone (Blood pressure medicine), cimetadine (heart burn) and flutamide (well this is for prostate cancer, a necessary evil).

Now let me briefly mention other antiandrogens in our food (produce), cosmetics, topicals, water, plastics and whatever else.  Good Lord

Here is a short list to give you an idea:

  • Certain pesticides, round up is one of them, you know the Monsanto round-up
  • Insecticides
  • Phthalates (stuff that makes plastics softer)
  • Parabens-you know preservatives in our shampoo, soap, food, detergents, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics)
  • Biphenols a.k.a. bisphenol A or BPA….shoot it’s in food and plastics.  Read the labels.
  • And naturally occurring  antiandrogens are in cabbage and liquorices (oh heck I am not giving them up, we have it so infrequently)


So, where does all this stuff end up?  Yep in the water and yes it is a problem, that needs to be corrected.  If leadership is too stupid to regulate garbage in our foods and other substances, then I say we need to be pro active and do the best we can to fix this locally, starting with you and your family.  

I started using organic shampoos, soaps, skin creams, toothpaste and my cosmetics are natural based, from a company called Younique.  I will start filtering all my water now,  why not be as safe as we can, when it seems virtually oppressive from so many angles.   I also garden a bit, but now realize that when I water my vegetables, they may be affected with chemicals in the water.  Well, I believe in moderation, so for now will accept this limitation.  What about you?  Or what about your children and their children more importantly? 

I also, do sign petitions and complain to the powers that be and I check out products at EWG(Environmental Work Group).

By the way in the US the demand for organic products is growing and the government is obligated to make way for more organic farming in USA!  Yes, do not ever say your voice is not heart,  even if you have to do it economically.  Boycott the garbage and buy the healthy stuff.

We cannot fix the damages already done, but we can work in the now for improvement in the future.



Does Estrogen Cause the MALE Fish To Develop Female Organs

I remember reading about male fish in the Ohio river developing female organs and heard estrogen was to blame.

Maybe 7 years ago I heard about this in the Ohio River, now Colorado is finding it and further

more 30 other states are finding it in their fresh water.

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