Some Reasons Why 3D Fiberlash Is For You.

Listen we are all different, but really who wants to put garbage and chemicals  in or on their bodies?  That is why you need to consider these reasons why 3D fiberlash is for you!  Lets face it, going natural is big today and for good reasons. Below are 10 good reasons for using and or joining Younique.

So, look at the chart and listen to the short video on 3D fiberlash and then get with me and  click here to try 3D fiberlash or sign up as a presenter.




Is Moodstruck 3D Fiberlash for YOU?

Well, in the cosmetic world there is a new buzzword! Have you heard about Moodstruck 3D Fiberlash yet? This product is so awesome and ladies young and old are loving this. Ofcourse, not everyone loves them, but those who do love 3D fiberlash  will never go BACK TO store mascaras!

So, whats the deal with Moodstruck  3D fiberlash.  Well, they are natural based, unlike store mascaras which are laden with chemicals and toxins, for real!  And be careful with cosmetics that are discounted brand names, as many are counterfeits and have more toxins than you can imagine.

I know when I used  a hypoallerginic brand, my eyes often burned. Now 3D fiberlash does not irritate my eyes. My Girlfriend lost her eyelashes from store brands, they  grew back and she uses 3D fiberlash now!IMG_0062.JPGIMG_0024.JPG

Oh, but you use false lashes? Really, well I have a gorgeous friend who wears false lashes  and because of the glue her own lashes fell out and her vision has been affected. Sadly, she will not stop using the false lashes because she said she looks terrible now with no lashes.  Pretty sad, if you ask me.

So, what else it good about Moodstruck 3D fiberlash? OMG, your lashes look so long!  It is so amazing!  Heck, I will post a few pics for you to see!

Once you get it, that this is an awesome product, you will never go back! So click here to order!